Price for exhibition space Price till February 24th, 2023 Price since February 25th, 2023
Indoor space up to 10 sqm 2,000 CZK/sqm 2,300 CZK/sqm
Indoor space over 11 sqm 1,800 CZK/sqm 2,050 CZK/sqm
Outdoor space up to 10 sqm 1,700 CZK/sqm 1,900 CZK/sqm
Outdoor space over 11 sqm 1,500 CZK/sqm 1,650 CZK/sqm

Please, make your order of required model stands on form A – Application for Participation!

Model exposition Size Price without VAT
A - row stand 6 sqm 37,300 CZK
B - row stand 8 sqm 48,850 CZK
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