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Energy-Climatic frame 2030 is gradually getting more and more specific outlines and it is necessary to get prepared for it. District heating must accommodate new energetics trends and demands. All those changes of course bring also new opportunities we must take advantage of. The State shall offer helping hand too. For example, it should repeat successful program of free allocation of permits in exchange for clean investments. The greenhouse gas emission permits should work as economical tool for energetics transformation, not as a kind of new taxes filling the State budget. The waste management field is expecting the final approval of the legislative package to the circulation economy just any moment. It should increase the recycling and reduce the landfills considerably. It is obvious that the Czech Republic will need to build new facilities for energetic waste utilization even in case it will meet the European objectives in the recycling. The only recycling weak point is organic waste, but besides we are not at all bad in waste separation. There of course still remains a big question of further waste processing and real recycling especially of plastics. Newly we have incorporated section dedicated to accumulation of energy. This is becoming very important issue and heating plants have a new potential there. The customer care is also more and more important topic. Customers are getting more demanding and it is harder to keep them satisfied. It was apparent that many heating plants are already dealing actively with this topic and they are coming up with new ideas. 


The entirely full house! We had to add chairs at the last moment. I was also pleasantly surprised by the lively interest of the participants in discussed topics. We do our best to prepare conference format so that there is enough space for discussion, but at the end it always depends on the participants if they come only to sit it through or to actively discuss. And this year was in no way short of discussions. So, I feel positive about my colleagues in heating industry – they do not sit with hands on their needs waiting for what may drop into their laps, but they try to solve problems actively. It is no wonder some issues are successfully solved this way.
We nearly burned down the ALDIS building during fireworks years ago. One of the skyrockets ignited the bushes in front of building. Comparing with this event, nothing exceptional happened. The minister of trade and transport Tomáš Hüner unfortunately had to excuse himself, but that is life. Perhaps the next time.
The bar is set rather high after 2018 event, but we of course intend to move it even higher. There will be no significant changes in the basic conference format, but we will do our best to select attractive topics and to invite interesting lecturers with new ideas. Considering the finishing work on the legislative package Clean Energy for Every European and also the general turbulent development in energetics I am not afraid there will be shortage of topics. We will probably start also some partial experiment. It is always a thrill how the things turn out at the end, but the changes are necessary to move us forward.




Martin Trick from Veolia, Slovakia

Why did you decided to participate?

We wanted to get the general info on the proceedings in neighboring countries, because we solve similar problems in Slovakia. 


Did you find anything interesting here?

It is apparent the conference is tailored to the Czech legislation. Nevertheless, the Czech legislation is under European influence and so is the Slovakian one.  From that point of view, we can say it is similar in both countries, respectively there are similar brands both in Czech and Slovakian Republics.
But one can hardly ask for specific results, lecturers mostly spoke about legislation and EU regulation that must be applied to the entire EU in the determined period. As for the technology (new procedures, utilization, heating technology and so on) it was not so richly discussed as the legislation. I feel a bit disappointed about it.  


Will you come next time?
It is not solely my decision, but yes, if possible, I would certainly like to.


Hana Pacáková, Leader of the Environmental Department in South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic

What attracted you to the conference?

It is thematically interesting, as it is dealing both with heating and waste-management, including processing of waste into – for example – energy sources. I work with Environmental Department, so, it is clear this exactly is a topic concerning my expertise. 


Was there anything pleasing or disappointing?

I was very much pleased by Director Manhart from the Ministry of Environment who claimed there will be no support to bio-mechanical technologies of waste processing. This must be welcomed by any reasonable person in waste industry. I was disappointed by info on solid alternative fuel regulation. According to Mr. Manhart’s’ statement, it will not change things much, which means that subjects decided to take such path will face unchanged portion of complication. 


How about next year? Do you plan to come again?

If my schedule allows, with pleasure.


Pavel Drápela, Operation Manager in waste processing plant ZEVO Plzeň, Czech Republic

What the District Heating and Energy Days conference means to you?

It´s a great opportunity to meet the people one usually does not meet, real experts from different branches of energetics. It is always great event and I like to attend it regularly. 


How many times have you been there?

This is my fifth event. I have started to visit conference together with my assignment in ZEVO Plzeň. Since then I do my best to participate every year.  


Have you heard anything disturbing here?

Not exactly. The waste-management lecture block is always “interesting”, but not the disturbing way.


Will you participate next year?

I hope I will.


Petr Havelka, Director of the Czech Association of Waste-Management, Czech Republic

What the District Heating and Energy Days conference means to you?

It is rather significant event and, on my opinion, also perfectly organized one. It is attended by interesting personalities from the energetics branch with connection to the waste management. It is therefore quite meaningful for me to participate and I belong to the conference regulars. I appreciate the fruitful discussion with energetics experts there. 


What pleased you or in the contrary disappointed you during this years’ conference? 

The stylish gala evening is certainly pleasant experience. It is nice and inspiring to discuss with my colleagues in such an informal atmosphere. I am also pleased by the discussion during the plenum held following day. It is inspiring to discuss different points of view and exchange the arguments. Those are positive things. And negative aspects? Well, it did not rain this year, so even the weather was not disappointing. Everything’s all right.


How about next year, will you participate?

Yes, I love to attend such a quality event with pleasure also the next year. 

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